Networking & Integration

Jamiesons’ Audio/Video is pleased to offer their professional knowledge & assistance in the set up and connection of a home network. The complexity & time involved with installation varies depending on the degree of the home network. The home network must be robust enough to adequately deliver information quickly & easily to the devices that are connected both wired and wirelessly to the network.



Networking & Integration Definitions:


A modem is a device that encodes & decodes digital data transmitted by a telephone or other analog communications system. In a home, it is the starting point for network access to the internet. Your internet provider supplies and installs this device


A router is like a telephone system. Each device (computer, tablet, TV, etc) is given its own unique number (IP Address) by the router. The information comes in, is identified, processed and sent to the correct location. Along the way decisions take place behind the scenes in order to determine which is the correct number  (unique to each device) to connect with. There are more control options built into a router than a switch, including network equivalents of call screening and caller ID.


A switch is like a two-way radio; in a room full of people, only the person holding the other radio can hear what is said. The switch keeps track of which computers are connected to which ports. When internet traffic comes in, it sends the information along to only that computer, rather than all the computers on the network. It is not as powerful as a router and depends on the existence of some more sophisticated piece of  equipment ( a router) to identify the devices that are connected to it

Wireless Access Point (WAP):

A WAP is a device that allows wireless devices (phones, tablets, laptops) to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi.The WAP must connect to a router via a network wire if it’s acting as a stand alone device or is built into the router itself.