Jamiesons’ allows you to sidestep all these headaches and more because it's what we've been doing for the past 59+ years!

1. See. Feel. Touch.

When you walk into Jamiesons’ A/V, you instantly “get it,”—seeing all of the components in one place, with demonstration areas—eliminating the uncertainty of what an A/V experience might be like. Shopping online doesn’t offer the true demonstration experience you should have before deciding on what products to buy for your space. For example, with an independent A/V retailer, you can compare TVs firsthand, demo a speaker system, or decide which projector you like best. You wouldn’t purchase a car without a test drive; why should it be any different for an electronics purchase? 

2. Research Is What We Do.

If you have ever shopped online, you know that a considerable amount of time goes into making sure you are purchasing the “right” product. You’ll spend hours surfing the web, browsing different websites and publications to figure out what products are supposed to be good, then even more time making sure that you are purchasing from a reputable online vendor. 

On the other hand, Jamiesons’ undergoes considerable manufacturer training so that we know the ins-and-outs of every product we sell. We're able to advise you on what will work best in your own home, and will even come out to your home to ascertain your needs & wants. 

3. Installation is our business 

We constantly have customers come into our store asking us to install a product they purchased online. Indeed, the most obvious benefit of using Jamiesons’ services from the beginning is that we offer installation services, including everything from hiding wires, to finding correct placement, to programming your universal remote control. This also means that you will be able to leverage our expertise to create a system that lives up to its potential. Do it yourself, and you may not be getting every last bit of performance out of your investment. 

4. When something goes wrong, call us! 

We’re all about building relationships that will last a lifetime. If your control system is not working properly, call us, and we’ll troubleshoot it or come out and fix the problem before your big Super Bowl party. However, when buying something online, make sure you read the fine print first. Most online retailers have limited, if any, service contracts, leaving you to your own devices. Return policies also vary wildly on the Internet, so if you aren’t careful, you could get stuck with a lemon. 

5. Jamiesons’ give you more choices 

Electronics manufacturers are wary of price erosion online as Internet retailers compete for Internet shoppers. As such, there are many highly respected brands that you simply will not find online. According to market research company NPD’s “E-commerce and Consumer Electronics: Online Shopping & Purchasing Report,” the result is a “badly skewed online sales mix that relies heavily on a narrow range of products that doesn’t adequately address some of the more exciting growth opportunities.” Indeed, Jamiesons' is set up to show cutting-edge products, allowing the consumer to see exciting technologies before they are widely adopted by the market - for example: Jamiesons' is one of approximately 25 dealers in the entire nation to introduce Sony's 4k products. 

So whether you are buying a TV or a control system, we highly recommend that you contact us before taking your chances online. We pledge that we’ll have a better product mix, competitive prices, and a much deeper breadth of knowledge, services, and support than you will find anywhere online. 


AuthorJulia Jamieson

It’s the Friday your surround system that you purchased online is set to arrive, “by the end of the day” based on what the tracking information says. At 5:30, your system get's dropped off and the UPS or FedEx employee bolts to get home for the weekend, leaving you to find the box cutter. As you begin unpacking, you ponder where to best place your speakers and how on earth you are going to hide the speaker wires that run from each speaker to the receiver. A little overwhelmed, you open the last box and are shocked to find the subwoofer is punctured. 

A few weeks back, you'd walked into a few stores in the area to touch and see what to buy, but until you saw the prices were slightly less online, you even considered using one of the local dealers.  Now you're surrounded by cardboard, packing materials, and a punctured subwoofer.  But you're persistent, and WILL make this work out.

Depending on what the system is by Saturday evening you might have the system sort of working (without a subwoofer...for now); hiding wires & cables became less of a priority after spending most of the night and all of Saturday trying and re-trying.

But what about that subwoofer? Did you read the return and service policy from your online retailer? Who is going to pay to ship this 95-pound behemoth back to the manufacturer, and who will pay to have a new one shipped to you? Do you even know what an RMA is?


AuthorJulia Jamieson